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I'm Milton

I am an Enneagram and Career Coach who works to transform people and organizations. I facilitate workshops, conferences, and groups around topics that include inner and outer work through the Enneagram lens. Milton is also passionate about creating transformation using Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion tools. Prior to his coaching and consulting practice, I worked in education and the banking sector. When I am not deep in Enneagram work I enjoy mentoring youth and sports.

Host of Do It For The Gram: 

An Enneagram Podcast

You Will Learn How To


See Your Enneagram Type Structure In Many Different Ways


Improve Your Self-Awareness Of Yourself and Others


Practically Use The Enneagram To Grow

What People Say

Milton is an incredible teacher. I found this podcast and it made my fall in love with growth work & understanding the enneagram. I love Milton’s approach because he breaks it down in a clear way, and his goal is to help both YOU and the community. I have leaned so much from him, from this podcast and through our coaching sessions (which I highly recommend if you enjoy the podcast!).

Caroline S., TX

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