Enneagram 6 | Life as an Overthinker by Skylar Johnson

As a Myers Briggs advocate, I wanted to learn more about the Enneagram. I started a deep dive with it a few months ago, and haven’t put it far from mind since. For the longest time, I wrestled to identify as a One or a Four. I’m a recovering perfectionist (like a One) and a creative individualist (like a Four), which meant I had to be one or the other. Some aspects just didn’t jive, and I couldn’t fully commit to either. After the two-question test, I discovered a new type to consider: Enneagram Six. Each point read like the script from my soul, and I knew I found my number.

Behind the Mind of Enneagram Six

Overthinking menial decisions

I overthink everything. For instance, I dawdle when choosing which groceries to buy: organic or off-brand? Salted or half-fat? I need someone to tag along, throw an oatmeal box in my cart, and let me move along, because these decisions shouldn’t matter.

Anything can happen

I admit--I run on anxiety. Is this healthy? No. Do I enjoy thinking through the worst-case scenario all the time? Of course not! It’s extremely exhausting and pessimistic, yet helpful when troubleshooting creative ideas.

Keeping balanced perspectives

I consider myself a balanced thinker. If someone brings a superlative to the table, I typically offer the counter perspective. Some call this playing devil’s advocate, but I would prefer a different title.

What I Crave as Enneagram 6

Routine & Organization

Routine and organization bring predictability and security. If something unexpected arises--my engine light blinks, my checking account overdrafts--I panic. Adrenaline rises. My confidence drops. Surviving becomes my focus, as if death is actually probable. What a waste of precious energy.

Strong Support Systems

I cannot live on an island. I yearn for loving, supportive people in my life. If I didn’t have this close circle affirming my life decisions, I probably couldn’t move forward. I suffer from self-doubt in making my own choices. Maybe I want someone else to blame if something goes wrong.

Lifelong Friendships

Friendships are incredible investments; I can name my friends on a single hand. If I strive to stay in-touch with you, that means I value our connection. Those “pick-up-where-we-left-off” relationships feel shallow and self-centered to me.

Healthy Thoughts for Enneagram 6

Living as a Six, I’ve learned to minimize my anxiety. Here are some lessons I use to ground my flighty mind and anxious heart.

Focus on the present

This is probably the most challenging, since I’m constantly fretting about the future. The present is the only place I can control the situation. If I walk through my senses--what I hear, see, feel--I can pull myself from the dark maze and back into reality.

Give yourself some credit

I need to give myself some credit. Is it so hard to believe that I’m gifted? Or that people actually like me--for me? Since self-doubt chokes me, I struggle to think positively about myself and my abilities. I need encouragement and hearing it from myself helps me to believe the kind words of others.

Consider the best-case scenario

If I automatically think about the worst-case scenario, I must force myself to consider what would happen if things went right. More often that not, what I fear the most doesn’t actually happen. And if it does, well, at least I’m prepared.

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