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Discovering the Enneagram Experience by Caleb McCurry

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

At first when you take the Enneagram test, you think “there’s no way a test can pinpoint all my likes, weaknesses, and cravings all on one page.” Then when you actually start to read the characteristics of your specific Enneagram number you have this laughing cringe when it points out every positive and disappointing feature about you.

As you’re listening to the positives, they tend create a weird energizing feeling, making you proud of the number that you are. As you keep reading, it’s easy to be okay with some of the negatives-since they “aren’t that bad”, and really ride the high points. “I bring joy to the world” or “I produce peace” or “I’m a born leader”- all classic examples of some of our Enneagram characteristics at their best. But when the focus takes a turn from only naming characteristics we have to including how we can change some of the habits that hold us back, it makes sense as to why the mood in the room goes from a mountain top high to gulping reality check.

What the Enneagram has done for me is help realize ways to grow and also see in which ways I may be hiding from things that I am fearful of facing. For some areas this just means focusing in on one topic until completion and in other areas it shows ways that I may unconsciously be filling my time in order to ignore the anxiety or fear creeping feelings that are needing attention and resolution. While nobody can be put into one number or category because of their own personality and background, the enneagram is a great tool to pinpoint bad habits to be aware of and how to best utilize our most positive characteristics for who we want to be.

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